Photos: VL Village (Old, Interior) & VL Plage (New, Coast). Wiki Commons


Various extracurricular activities.

• Involvement in the public manifestations for ‘PWT’, the national science information board. On economics, at the former Amsterdam Stock Exchange: 1993 Crazes and crashes. On applied psychology, at the Utrecht Trade Fair: 1993 Why are you doing this?!.

• Involvement in exhibitions. On ‘national heroes’, organized by the Rijksmuseum at the Amsterdam Nieuwe Kerk. On psychiatry in Comic strips, for the Dolhuys psychiatry museum in Haarlem in 2006: 2002 Comic strip heroes on the couch. On psychologists in cartoons, for the 1992 national psychologists convention in Groningen (Dutch), and for the subsequent Cheiron conference of the History of the Behavioural Sciences in Groningen (English). 1991 The imagination of the psych.

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